Turning off nodes

Sorry if this is basic question _ still got many gaps in my vuo workflow.

Im using a select input to choose if a video frame is passed through a resize or not.

When its not being resized i would like the ‘resize node & friends’ to stop processing.

Is there an easy way to do this ?

There is a feature request to turn off nodes.

Right now you can put another select in front of the chain, and leave one port empty, and add an Allow Changes node to prevent unessery events from entering the resize node.

See joined comp.


Resize Boolean 1.1.vuo (4.35 KB)

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I agree with the solution suggested by Bodysoulspirit. But I suspect that unnecessary “get image size” node are triggered anyway in his schema, even when resizing is not required, every time a new frame reaches “Blend images” node. Probably “get image size” is much less computational requiring than “resize image” of course, but it’s possible to skip it also. Moreover, “resize image” also is always triggered whenever the new frame has different dimensions.

This way should improve the solution, triggering “get image size” and “resize” just when strictly required (caveat, not tested):


thank you - both, this is very helpful

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