After some hours testing github codes supposed to allow tweeting via CLI, and having no luck due to twitter API changes (i suppose)… do anyone have some experience in how I could tweet from command line? So that I could call it from an Execute Shell Vuo node? Or, do you have any other alternative strategy to obtain that?

From a quick search for “tweet command line” I see various tools, including one from Twitter, that you can install to get a command-line interface to Twitter. However, I don’t know if any of them still work given that Twitter is going around shutting off apps that use their API. I haven’t actually tried any of these tools so I wouldn’t be able to recommend one over another. I would just suggest testing the tool in Terminal first, before trying it in Vuo.

(Sorry for the late reply — I try to reply to most questions but overlooked this one.)

Thanks. The issue I met is exactly the one you cite: probably twitter dropped the support to thirdy part interfaces; in fact all CLI tools I tested miserably failed. I ended with Vuo generating a file containing the text to be tweeted, an external script continuously checking for that file; when it exist, invoking an applescript that through keystroking make use of the macos Twitter app to publish it. Just for reference for ones facing a similar task.