Twitter Node

Oauthentication entry, hashtag search, user account timeline following using streaming api. This would be absolutely amazing.


bLackburst, we are in the process of estimating this. We’ll post the details when we finish our estimate.

I’m looking for this feature in a future project as well. Is this something websocket nodes could do?

@cwilms-loyalist, Twitter does not currently provide a WebSocket API. However, if Vuo learns how to do WebSocket before it learns how to do Twitter, you could run a local WebSocket-to-Twitter gateway — Vuo → (WebSocket) → Node.js gateway → (HTTPS+OAuth) → Twitter.

I’m voting on this node set as described in the initial post (not via a websocket method).

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this would be excellent. Bonix made a twitter node for QC but I think they ended up doing the Twitter OAuth login in the BonixTV app itself and that enabled their twitter QC patch(es) to work. I know they’re keeping an eye on Vuo, perhaps they might offer some assistance with this.

Also, there are other queries one can make to Twitter fire hose (cloud) using url pathname constructs to fetch user avatars at full-res etc. I used these in a QC application once, but I was getting my twitter feed from a curated feed that was delivering a stream of selected tweets as an XML feed.

The XML feed had various attributes related to each tweet. A bit of research lead me to discover a way to transcode the user name into a url query that would return a full-res avatar image. If there’s already a node that can fetch an image via url query then that would work, otherwise a node to do that or a extra twitter node to do that would be good.

I’m very interesting for this feature, would buy VUO just for this one

Given the changes to the Twitter API’s pricing this year and the limitations on free access, we’re closing this feature request. If anyone with a paid Twitter account is interested in commissioning a private Vuo node set specific to their account, they are welcome to contact us or another developer.

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