Unable to send serial data to Arduino


I’m trying to get the ‘SendTextToSerialDevice’ example to work with the Arduino using the Send Serial Data node.

I have an Arduino sketch that reads serial data with a baud rate of 9600 but there doesn’t seem to be any data sent for some reason because Serial.available() returns 0.

const unsigned int MAX_MESSAGE_LENGTH = 4;

void setup() {

void loop() {
 //Check to see if anything is available in the serial receive buffer
 while (Serial.available() > 0)
   //Create a place to hold the incoming message
   static char message[MAX_MESSAGE_LENGTH];
   static unsigned int message_pos = 0;

   //Read the next available byte in the serial receive buffer
   char inByte = Serial.read();

   //Message coming in (check not terminating character) and guard for over message size
   if ( inByte != '\n' && (message_pos < MAX_MESSAGE_LENGTH - 1) )
     //Add the incoming byte to our message
     message[message_pos] = inByte;
   //Full message received...
   //Add null character to string
   message[message_pos] = '\0';
   //Print the message (or do other things)
   //Or convert to integer and print
   int number = atoi(message);
   //Reset for the next message
   message_pos = 0;

The Arduino sketch works fine since it receives data from the serial window. I have tried using the Configure Serial Device node but I still have no data sent to the Arduino. I have also correctly selected the USB port on the Send Serial Data node.


Has someone had success using the Send Serial Data node?

Just looked at the RX Arduino board lights and it does respond to inputs from VUO. So it seems to be working.

I have been using the Send Serial Data node without any trouble.
What serial interface do you have on the Mac? I’m using the Keyspan Usa-19hs High Speed Usb Serial Adapter.
If you are transmitting between two computers (two DTE devices) then you will need a swap-over cable, more commonly known as a null modem cable.