Undo adding an item to list

Essentially I want a “Cmd-Z” function with the Enqueue. I’d like to remove the last item(s) from a list with a keyboard press, then keep adding to the updated list. Can’t see a way to do it with Enqueue, is there another way?

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One method would be to use Add To List and Take From List.

Joined composition enqueues the x values of mouse clicks, and cmd-z erases last values.
Max list size is 10 items (change the Cut List port to change amount).


Add & Take List - 1.1.vuo (5.72 KB)


Or use this Add To List + Get Ranges From List method (no take from list)

I tried using Cut List instead of Get Ranges From List, but once Cut List is fed with an empty list (completely cmd-z erased), it seems the loop can’t start new anymore, so you can undo the list until the first list value only (blocks first value from being erased) .


Range List - 1.1.vuo (6.01 KB)

Cut List - 1.2.vuo (5.39 KB)

@bodysoulspirit, this is awesome! Thank you.

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Glad it helps, sorry I set cmd-w instead of cmd-z on the comps it seems because of my French azerty keyboard ;)