Up/Down Stereo Camera

Does anyone know it is possible to send out the stereo camera into an up/down signal for a 3D Tv?

In Vuo 0.8.0, you can get up/down image placement by rendering the left and right images as layers. I’ve attached a simple example — I took the BounceStereoSphere example composition, removed the anaglyph processing, and replaced it with up/down positioning.

In the future, we’re planning to add a node to simplify multiplexing stereoscopic image pairs for use on a variety of output devices (side-by-side, up/down, checkerboard, …).

[Edit: Vuo now has a Combine 3D Stereo Images node.]  

BounceStereoSphere-updown.vuo (7.21 KB)

I see now. I was trying to do something similar but this is a lot more simple.