User library nodes

I am still (evidently) confused about user nodes and events.
Is there a document on this?
I wanted a slider + slider value so created the attached. How to make this work?

pbourke.sliderValue.vuo (3.86 KB)

test.vuo (3.01 KB)

Not sure what you mean about user nodes. Until in-composition-only sub-compositions are implemented (see feature request), for now they can run locally alongside a composition if in a folder named “modules” next to the composition (as joined) or have them globally installed in the modules user folder.

For events & subcompositions, in Vuo 2, from the manual : If events fired from within the subcomposition can overlap with events from the published input ports, only the events from the published input ports will exit through the published output ports … events that travel along the same path as the events coming in from the published input port travel within the subcomposition but are blocked from exiting the subcomposition

If you click on the port pop-over of the Changed on the “Make Slider Node”, you’ll see a note about this, with a “?” sign that when you click on it sends you to that specific part of the manual. If you remove the cable from “Transform Point” to “Make text Layer”, that info disappears.

Capture d’écran 2020-03-08 à 07.12.51.png

You could take the “Make Layer Text” out of the Subcomposition like joined.
However I have noticed that publishing Window type ports into sub compositions is not the best, when dragging the slider the events going out of the subcomp fire at 80Hz, compared to the normal 60Hz (4.97 KB)


Thanks, I “think” I get it. Will experiment.

And sorry for the incorrect terminology, I was indeed referring to subcompositions.  

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