Using different nodes in one compostion doesn't really work. Where is the problem?

I am using different images, texts and objects in one composition. For now, I’ve turned the images and texts into a unlit 3d object to be able to render my scene to the window.
The problem ist that it seems like there is too much different nodes in my scene because some of the images start to dissapear after 1 second or so. The images have some effects and are connected with live-audio. Individually, they work perfectly. But as I want to use more different images with certain “effects” (like the "add noice to 3d object) will I get this problem because it is just not possible to arrange such compisition or is there a way to my multible different nodes. I’m a Newcomer and actually I am sure if this will be possible. Maybe my Computer is also too slow…

More information:
I’ve arranged different images in the Objects List from Render Scene to Window because I found out that this work’s like in Adbobe Photoshop: The first object makes the first layer, the second the second layer, and so on, till the last object makes the background layer - visible oon the Composition Loader. I want to make all scenes been visible at once!
I have a macOS High Sierra and using Vuo 1.2.6…

Maybe someone of you has a suggestion how to do this.

Attached you will find an screenshot with the composition I have done.

Hi @lakrok

Some food for thoughts from what I see on the screenshots (it’s hard to see details because of the image resolution, zooming in details like port values gets a little blurry, if you’re ok with sharing the composition it would be easier for people to help you or check bugs if any).

  • Which images start to disappear ?

  • Make Unlit Object from Image is a simple square, no sub-vertices, so displacing it with noise or ripple will have a limited effect (maybe it’s what you’re trying to achieve though). Also, unlike layers in Vuo or Photoshop, 3D objects blend if on the same Z-axis position, so you have to set slightly different z-position or this could be the reason some seem to disappear although they’re not.

  • Another thing is you say your computer may be too slow, I don’t know your specs, but you’re using Fire On Display Refresh connected to each node stream, which means for example it will load images about 60x/sec. Your computer may be able to take it, but it’s just not so optimized, time port and such refresh rate should only go to nodes that need time values. Maybe after a time your computer gets indeed too slow loading them all so fast, simply use the Fire On Start node and use cmd-click on a port from a node you changed some values to reload the changes instead (the next Vuo release you won’t need to do that anymore it will be automatic).

Hope this helps already

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Hi, @lakrok. Welcome.

In addition to @Bodysoulspirit’s excellent advice, I’ll just suggest that you start with one of your small, working compositions and add in pieces gradually. As a first step, it’s good that you tested each effect individually. Now, if you put them together one at a time, you can see when exactly images start disappearing.