v1.2 license <--> founder?

i’m a founder and i have two vuo and one pro license. yet i’m only entitled to v 1.1.
who has the rights to 1.2?
where can i find the list of who is entitled to which version / privileges?
(i’ve searched but it’s not in the open)

Hi, @639me. Thanks for your long-time support of Vuo.

In our records I see that you purchased a 1-year subscription in March 2013 (which gave you Vuo 0.5-1.0), and you purchased the update from Vuo 1.0 to 1.1 in December 2014. That covers all 1.1.x versions. If you’d like access to the 1.2.x versions, you’ll need to purchase another update. For more info, see https://vuo.org/buy .

By the way, you still have a Vuo 1.1 gift license available from the December 2014 promotion. If you’d like to give that to a friend, log in and select My account » Licenses, click Allocate, and enter the recipient’s email address.

To maintain users’ privacy, we don’t publish a list of who is entitled to which version, but you can review your own on your account page.  

thanks. purchased the upgrade now.  

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