VDMX Image Filter question

I’m trying to get a mask image filter working in VDMX (in VDMX/vuoFX folder), having trouble, creates a black screen. Couple questions, making sure I’m on the right track:

What version of Vuo should I currently be using to create IF content for VDMX? I saw Vidvox release notes supporting 1.2.6. What about 1.2.7 (cuz that’s what I’m trying)?

Wondering if there’s a way to translate a Vuo node pulldown menu (e.g., Blend Mode) so VDMX can read it? I’d be happy with any way, don’t necessarily need the nice list. (EDIT: I just read @smokris 's solution here: https://community.vuo.org/t/-/5157)

EDIT2: Works in VDMX if I bypass the image → layer conversion. Did I forget to do something with the Vuo layer setup so VDMX can see it?


Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 11.54.31 AM.png

Doesn’t work:

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 11.54.12 AM.png

I would suspect layer width to be the problem in the not-working one

Have you tested running the composition in Vuo? Does it behave the same as in VDMX? I tried the attached composition in Vuo and it applied the mask as expected, no black screen. This composition might have different published input values than yours — which leads back to @MartinusMagneson’s suggestion that the layer width might be wrong.

With VDMX on Vuo 1.2.6, it’s still fine to use Vuo 1.2.7. VDMX just won’t be able to recognize new nodes added in 1.2.7 such as Supershape.

Rounded Rectangle Mask.vuo (4.87 KB)

Thank you, I’ll test. Yes, it was working in Vuo and not VDMX.