vector addition?

Moments ago I noticed that the multiply patch can multiple a vector by a vector. That is excellent!

I tried this with the add patch, because it would allow me to eliminate nodes in a composition, but it doesn’t allow vector addition.

Is there any version which will do this that I am overlooking? Does this make sense as a feature enhancement to the current add patch?

Being able to do vector addition would make it so coordinates and such don’t have to be split into floats and then remade into points.

Anyway, kind of excited to see this in the multiply patch (and maybe others?).

Isn’t that the Add node Port Type was just set to reals ?
Normally when connecting a 2D point it should ask what to do.



Oh, I see now that there is a particular way of dragging the cable that automatically pulls up the convert dialogue, that I must have inadvertently done the first time with Multiply, but not the second with the Add node.

I was then surprised that I couldn’t “grab” the 1 and 2 entries and when they were highlighted, delete them by hitting the delete key. I guess in the moment that’s what I was thinking to do to possibly turn the port to a generic type, so that then it might interpret the data type and reconfigure. Oh well.

I also now see that it the port type can be manually edited as well by control+click.

Thanks for the head’s up.  

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