Video Chat with Aphrodite

This composition simulates a video call with a deity, or marble statue thereof. I made it after thinking that a previous composition looked a little like Skype.

You may be wondering why Aphrodite is so rude when all you said was “Hello”. Well. While making this composition, I was thinking about Siri, Amazon’s Echo, Dollhouse’s Echo, and fembots. Those are not the story behind this Aphrodite. Instead, the story is that, for reasons I can only speculate about (I think she may be an artist-writer, and imagine she might be doing some kind of Screen Tests), Aphrodite does these video calls. Of course she has limited patience and lots of other projects to do (like her blog, which includes some hilarious and touching tales from her childhood, and a scathing criticism of her unauthorized biographers’ research methods), so she’s not going to sit around all day looking at you. As for hanging up as soon as you say anything, I wonder if it has anything to do with her recent tweet: “my new project requires safety goggles and a harassment-proof vest”.

Technical notes: The 3D model came from the Lincoln 3D Scans, and was kindly rightsized by @smokris. The sounds were created by randomly pushing buttons in nanoloop and pushing the Random button in Cfxr. (13.9 MB) (1.42 MB)


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