Video export size/ratio that matches the Instagram story dimensions.

It would be great to have an option for video export size to match Instagram story dimensions (1080x1920 pixels).
That would make it much easier to show off Vuo animations on Instagram. I think it would also have a positive impact on the popularity of your amazing tool.

Dear @mixfilet

Some predefined vertical common sizes could be cool indeed ;)
But just wanted to be sure you know you can already just type your desired size in the Movie Export panel (see screenshot).

Hope this helps,



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Adding this would require just one tiny change, so we’ll go ahead and schedule it for an upcoming release.

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Hi @Bodysoulspirit

In fact, I didn’t realize it is possible to type in the dimensions directly as width x height. I thought it was a simple drop down box. I never expected that.

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Added a menu option for 1080x1920 (HD 1080p portrait) in Vuo 2.4.3.