Video mixer controlled by Android/iOS

This is a video mixer that you can run on a Mac and control with a phone or tablet.

Ingredients you’ll need:


Here’s a summary. For a more thorough walkthrough, see the video. (Video transcript at .)

  • Download the zip file containing the Vuo composition and TouchOSC layout.
  • In the unzipped folder, place 4 video clips in the “clips-foreground” folder and 4 video clips in the “clips-background” folder.
  • Set up Vuo + TouchOSC.
    • Optional: Create a network on your Mac, and connect to it on your phone/tablet.
    • Sync the TouchOSC layout from TouchOSC Editor on your Mac to TouchOSC on your phone/tablet.
    • On your Mac, run the Vuo composition.
    • On your phone/tablet, connect to “Vuo OSC Server” in TouchOSC.
    • On your phone/tablet, tap “Done” to display the TouchOSC layout.
  • Mix video.
    • Use the buttons in TouchOSC to switch between video clips.
    • Use the faders in TouchOSC to crossfade, change exposure, and apply other effects. (8.29 KB)