Visual Shader Editor

An extremely useful feature would be a visual shader editor, similar to how it is done inside of UDK or Unity’s ShaderForge.

Hey @danielsamson,
Thanks for the stellar request! After reviewing our community input (from user emails, questions, surveys and postings) and our needs for basic functionality, we (Team Vuo) have decided to table it for the moment. During this early stage development, this specific feature would take more implementation time than we’re able to devote to it. However, we’d like to see it come to fruition and we will reopen this request around Vuo 1.0.

Thanks again!

Now that we’ve reached Vuo 1.0, this feature request is now open for voting.

this is great!

This gets my vote!

Actually one of the reasons I’m putting it down is because I’m not the type of guy who can sit down and write up pieces of code. People obviously put their thoughts on stuff like GLSL because of how versatile it is. It makes sense. However, I really tried sitting down with it and haven’t come up with anything worthy unfortunately. I’ll keep trying anyway but it’ll take me years before I can reach a point where I’m finally saying “I have something.” And it’s simply not as easy as I’m always told by fellow artists.

To me a visual shader editor makes better sense in a visual programming environment in the first place. I’m also a heavy user of tools such as FilterForge and various node based utilities. It helps overall seeing lego blocks than snippets of text!

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Preferably the generated shader code is CG & directly usable in Unity.