Visual Studio Code (VSC) - node programming starter (WIP)

This is not a nodeset, this is just a tribute. Programming in Xcode or QT is a pain in the behind. You need to register an account. You need to be sure you’re not a commercial entity. You’ll have to download approximately 94 terabytes of stuff for iPhones, watches, pods and whatnot. When that is done after a month or so, downloading on spotty and shady airport wifi, you have to install 5-6 different CMake versions. One might work, but you don’t really know which of the kits it is anymore, since each variant has generated 10 different entries in your list of kits to use - making the chance of you selecting the right one a 1 to 50 at best.

Luckily, the underground bellies of a monster known as Microsoft actually has some of the good bacterias growing inside it. One of their products which not only is free to use, but also as open source as MS can manage (it does have some telemetry tracking, see VSCodium if that is of any concern). This editor is lightweight, expandable (with extensions), customizable and just does what you tell it to (if you tell it what you want it to do is a completely different matter though).

Easiest way to get going with programming custom nodesets for Vuo is then as follows:

  1. Install Homebrew as explained here (will also install Xcode command line tools which is needed for making Vuo nodes)

  2. Using Homebrew, install CMake by opening up a terminal and type:

brew install cmake
  1. Install the Vuo SDK from here:

  2. Install VSC from here: (not in the App Store because Apple).

  3. Download the starting source from this page, extract it somewhere and open the folder in VSC (File → Open Folder)

  4. Install the CMake extension (you should be asked to do so when opening the folder if it’s not already installed)

  5. Code your stuff, for examples and the API see here: and here:

  6. Update the CMakelists.txt file in the folder (commented with what is important). Thanks to @jstrecker for providing a starting file.

  7. Press build in the bottom bar, and enjoy the fruits of your labour - or endless debugging.

Vuo CMake (2.63 KB)


Thank you for this !