Vuo 0.8 is here! — Get creative in 3D!

This is great. Love the new shaders. But is it just me or does the Leap-implementation not work any more? Switched back to 0.7 and there it works.

@bnvisuals, glad you asked! I meant to mention in the newsletter that you need to upgrade your Leap Motion drivers. Leap Motion recently released their version 2, which has much improved finger and hand tracking. But unfortunately it’s not backward compatible, so anyone using Leap Motion with Vuo 0.8 needs to download and install Leap v2 from (The link is also in the documentation for the Receive Leap Frame node.)

Wow, great! Didn’t see the link in the node, but thanks! Will give it a go!

Edit: works like a shark! PS: watch out for other changes, like the GetScene -“fit-function”

We want to notify Vuo users who are on OS version 10.9.5 or 10.10 that Vuo or their Vuo app may generate a warning and not open. Please see our bug report on the issue.