VUO and QLab4 . . .

Hello VUO team,

Thank you for all your great work on Version 2. I’m enjoying all the improvements.

One of the most popular programs for delivering sound/projections/lighting for live performance is QLab4. QLab has always offered the option of using a custom patch from Quartz Composer to manipulate images. However, the requirement are as follows:

(Your custom composition must publish an input named “_protocolInput_Image” and an output named “_protocolOutput_Image”.)

VUO will not allow me to enter the ‘_’ into the input/output ports . . . and therefore I’m not able to use my VUO compositions to enhance images in QLab4. Though there may be other issues with using VUO in QLab4, but this is the most obvious and I’m wondering if there is a work-around, or if this could be changed in future versions.


Dear William , as a user of both softwares, I’d love the possibility to create Vuo plugins for QLab too. Unfortunately it’s not just a matter of port names. QLab actually allows just QC plugins; not Vuo’s. The possibility to have inputs and outputs names beginning with _ wouldn’t be enough. QLab should develop the necessary support for Vuo plugins, that in term of coding is something really different from actual QC support. I posted a feature request years ago in QLab users group properly asking for that development, but at the moment there’s no feedback on that.