Vuo composition loader intermittent crash

Steps causing the bug to occur

  1. Several times (but not all times) when dragging / repositioning the comp loader window the comp loader crashed
  2. I’m using a MacBook Pro with a second monitor connected by HDMI output and I was usually trying to drag the comp loader window from MBP display to external display when it crashed (maybe that’s relevant?)
  3. Other times I do the same thing with no crash
  4. I believe the crash has occurred with multiple unrelated comps - crash logs attached to bug record

Other notes

  • Vuo version: 2.0.0-beta1
  • macOS version: macOS 10.14

vuo_comp_loader_crash.rtf (80.5 KB)

vuo_comp_loader_crash2.rtf (84.9 KB)

vuo_comp_loader_crash3.rtf (83 KB)

@kingluma, thanks for reporting these crashes. From the crash reports, it looks like two separate issues may be involved, one having to do with live editing and the other with layers.

Could you provide your selection_rect_rebuild subcomposition (and any other subcompositions it contains)? It would help immensely if we could replicate your setup in order to reproduce the crash.

@kingluma, do you still see these crashes with Vuo 2.0.0-beta3?

I’ll see if I can still reproduce it.

We fixed a lot of crashes during the beta testing period. Since we haven’t been able to reproduce these particular crashes and they might have been fixed, I’m closing this bug report. @kingluma, if you’re still seeing crashes, please let us know.