VUO crashes on exporting app

Steps causing the bug to occur

  1. Select export to Mac App
  2. When ‘compiling’ VUO crashes

Other notes

  • Vuo version: 2.3.1
  • macOS version: macOS 10.13
  • CPU: x86_64
  • How severely does this bug affect you? It prevents me from completing a specific task with Vuo.

Having spent many, many hours building this lighting interface for my studio, I would like to run it as an app. I would be very appreciative if you are able to tell me what the problem is, and how I might be able to change the composition so that it will export as a Mac app.

Vuo_2021-05-07-090540_ffaadmins-MacBook-Pro-2.crash (129 KB)

Studio Barn Lx (343 KB)


We believe this is related to the bug report “export app” clash. We believe it should run under Vuo 2.2.1. Alternatively, you can try removing the subcomposition and 3rd-party node. We are working on a fix.

Fixed in Vuo 2.3.1.