Vuo crashing

Steps to reproduce the bug

This is really just a heads up. I have a movie player for domes that seems to work across a wide range of computers without problem. But a client is getting regular crashes on a new machine running Ventura.

Have you found a workaround?

I will have access to a new Mac this weekend and will see if I can reproduce the crashing.
In the meantime I attach 4 crash logs in case they mean something … I’m not qualified to read them.

Other notes

The crashes with message “Invalid workloop owner, possible memory corruption” are suspicious. We haven’t seen those before. Web searches for that message turn up only a few results, related to computers that are behaving strangely overall. You may want to ask your client to run Apple Diagnostics.

Apple diagnostics didn’t report anything unusual.

Do other movie playback applications also exhibit problems on this computer, or just the Vuo composition?

Is this computer the only one you’ve tested that has Ventura? Is there anything else unique about this computer compared to the rest that you’ve tested?

You mentioned high memory usage compared to another computer. Sometimes Activity Monitor’s Memory column gives misleading results, if that’s what you happened to look at. In Activity Monitor, if you right-click on the table header to show other columns, there should be an option for “Real Memory”. How does that number compare?

Can you provide the composition and supporting files?