VUO FPS and maximum friring rate?

This is a 2 part question.

Firstly what is the maximum firing rate of nodes in VUO?

Secondly in my composition I am trying to measure the time between 2 inputs/triggers. The triggers themselves can fire at up to 1000Hz.
In order to get the most accurate reading of time between these two points I would like to know how/if I can increase the firing rate of a node for example the Measure time node?
What i’m currently getting is the values rounding up to the closest value however I would prefer it to be accurate to 2 if not 3 decimal places.


The Fire Periodically node is the only one with a set max firing rate, and that is 1000 times per second (as mentioned in the node’s description). Other triggers’ firing rates are based on things such as the display refresh rate, movie framerate for playback, or rate at which messages such as OSC are received. They have no hard upper limit, just the limit of how fast your computer can do all the processing initiated by the trigger.

If using Measure Time to find a time difference on the order of 1000 Hz, you’d need the Time input to be coming in at a frequency/precision greater than 1000 Hz, faster than Fire Periodically can fire.

Instead, what I’d use is a Fetch Date-Time node for each trigger, find the time difference with Subtract Times, and grab the time difference from Get Relative Date-Time Values. Fetch Date-Time has microsecond precision (it uses the C function gettimeofday). See attached composition.

TimeBetweenTriggers-FetchTime.vuo (2.62 KB)