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Well Im new to Vuo, I’m a long time QC user so I finally taken the plunge to learn Vuo seeing QC is deprecated now. Sorry I am a bit late to the party I had been holding out still using QC for sometime. Im still running an older system so I can use QC, and this may be my problem or not. Im trying to build the Vuo Plugin App from the SDK in Xcode. I haven’t upgraded Xcode in a long time. I’m using Xcode version 11.3.1. on OSX 10.14.6 if that helps and am having problems compiling the example from the SDK. I have Xcode and command line tools installed plus qt which I will try making a node in a bit. The compiler tells me I don’t have the pro version of Vuo. Is having the pro version a requisite to building an Xcode app ? Or perhaps there is something else going wrong. Please see my compiler info below. I’m interested in building nodes and apps with Vuo, is this possible with the community edition on my system or am I just going to be banging. my head against the wall trying to figure it out. Im just a person using Vuo and not part of any organization. I would like to contribute if I can figure it out. thanks

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Hi, @dust. Welcome to the Vuo community!

Is it possible that VuoPluginApp actually did launch successfully? On launch, you should see the app’s menu bar and dock icon. However, it doesn’t show any windows. That’s confused me once or twice before.

If you find that VuoPluginApp definitely failed to launch, could you check for any additional errors from Xcode? The log messages you posted don’t indicate any reason why it would fail to launch.

You can use the Vuo SDK to build nodes and apps, with either Vuo Community Edition or Vuo Pro. That message is just letting you know that Vuo Pro features won’t be available since you don’t have a Vuo Pro license installed.

Vuo 2.4 supports macOS 10.14, so that shouldn’t be a problem — see for the list of supported OS versions.

okay thanks Jaymie that makes sense as to why I wasn’t seeing any windows. there was a xib file I updated so I was expecting to see a window. the example works then because it did run in my dock and produced a window menu. I was able to build and run most of the node examples. just one required some qt 5 widget files I couldn’t find. it seems you are not using qt make or builder anymore and using cmake instead. I was watching some old tutorials when I downloaded qt builder. 26gb later I realized I didn’t need qt builder to build a node. wasn’t able to get the cmake gui app to produce a working Xcode file for the node examples but running cmake from the terminal worked fine. so all is well. thanks again. i’m noodling around in Vuo and will probably have more dumb questions.

In Vuo 2.4.1 we modified the VuoPluginApp example so that it automatically opens a document on launch, to remove that point of confusion for people learning the SDK.

Thanks, @dust, for your questions. They may help other people who are running into similar problems in the future, and they help our team understand how we can improve the SDK.

Oh yeah, I saw Vuo updated yesterday. I have updated my Vuo. Have not updated the SDK yet. Maybe later im not by my computer right now. That’s a good idea to make it launch at start up. That’s what a starting document app does in Xcode by default is load the xib. It confused me and I should have known better because I could see all the interface builder connections and it was a document app and that’s what you do with documents is open them. Who knows it might help some confusion. Just a side note once you open a Vuo file the app remember and launched the xib, on subsequent runs.

I still don’t understand all the code in that examples yet. All the open gl context stuff still confuses me. I just copy that when trying to build image generator app. When I bring that stuff into my own app I get all kinds of open gl deprecation warnings. I see your going to update that stuff to a metal implementation which I’m sure will be just as confusing to me.

Did you update the framework s as well. I still got to get that working in a blank app. Maybe I will have more luck with this update. Using the example app has been my only interaction with the sdk. I got an image generator to run inside the example app but haven’t had luck building my own yet. Thanks for making that update, it shows your listening to your users no matter how daft they can be.