vuo skeletonize in source code?

I was just looking for the Skeletonize Image in source code and can’t seem to find it. Should it be located in node/vuo.image?

This node is a pro node, so I guess that’s why it’s not visible in node/vuo.image ?  

Do pro nodes have unpublished source?

I had pulled it onto the editor last night by accident, when looking at edge type filters.

I haven’t done much work with it, but I was surprised to see what was appearing to be a feedback based approach, which I had actually never seen outside of this approach I had done myself:


I had always previously seen skeletonize stuff work the old CPU approach, of basically using a kernel, creating the texture, running it through the kernel again, etc. However, I do put the idea of doing something like that on the GPU with a feedback loop as “kind of obvious”…I’d guess
it’s generally been done, I’ve just never seen it.

I was curious to see how it had actually been approached within this node.