Vuo updates notifications

Hi Vuo team.
Did I miss a notification here on the forum about the latest Vuo release ?
When browsing the regular Vuo website I saw there was an update in September I missed.
I don’t remember seeing a notification here or receive an email about it ?

Glad you know you’re following the releases closely. If you’d like notifications for every release, the most reliable way would be to subscribe to the releases RSS feed.

In addition, we post about each release on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter X) and follow up on resolved bug reports / feature requests on In the Vuo app, you should see a dialog upon launching Vuo if you have update notifications enabled (Help > Check for Updates…).

Thanks for the answer Jaymie ;)

Ah ok so no more email for the updates ok.
The thing is with social media it’s easy to miss a post (unless you hit some notification bells) and RSS readers tend to disappear :slight_smile:

But yes I usually check the forum here so I will know that when bugs get fixed it means a release is there.

But a post from the theme here could be a +

Thanks again,


Just noticed something, on the Vuo website, when clicking get Vuo->additional downloads->read more, it redirects to the home page. To read the details you have to click on the version number instead ;)

Thanks for pointing that out. We fixed that just now.

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