🤔 Vuo x VDMX: Update to latest framework


I was wondering if I could get an update on a couple of VDMX / Vuo issues.

I’ve posted this on the VDMX forum a month ago & on their FB user group and have followed up on the posts but not getting any replies :disappointed:

When will VDMX update to the latest framework? There are a couple of things

  • The one is the VDMX doesn’t remember MIDI mapping
  • The other is when sub-compositions will be supported?
  • Lastly, there are some new super cool nodes since the very recent latest update of 2.2 that are not allowing me to import the comps.

The MIDI mapping issue and sub-comp support are the two that I’d love to know about, but a little unsure why I’m getting no response from them. Appreciate you may not be able to answer this but does anyone know what the deal is?


I’m afraid the questions have to be answered by VDMX, and I don’t think they hang much around in the Vuo forums. I would try contacting them at support@vidvox.net instead to get a response through their official support line. Facebook groups and forums can often be hard to get a response through since it’s mostly community driven, and the companies won’t have the time to follow every thread there scanning for- and replying to issues. I suspect you will have better luck via email :)

Good shout to email their support, thanks! Yeah was wondering if maybe Vuo had any light to shed or were talking to them at all in the last few months, usually found the VDMX responses on the forums / facebook pretty quick but perhaps all a bit busy. If I get an update I will share it here :blush:


We don’t have any news from VIDVOX about their plans.

Thanks @jmcc! I’ve emailed support and will update here if I get a response.

No reply :( I’m quite concerned if I’m honest. There’s no communication from VDMX at all, and using Vuo with VDMX is a pretty risky option at the moment which is worrying. Some files randomly exhibit strange behaviour like cropping the output , which then breaks other files from then onwards almost like something gets put into memory and even restarting VDMX doesn’t help - but it’s completely inconsistent as I’ve use the files for two streams before. Not sure what to do at this stage i I’m honest, it’s quite a bummer. When I’ve got a bit of time I can try capture some of the behaviours but main concern is no reply for months now from them :( pasted the thread below, this is so frustrating :/


That’s unfortunate :( Does it help if you export the Vuo compositions to FFGL and load into VDMX?

Thanks @jstrecker - I’ll give it a try next time. I was scrambling at the last minute so ended up not using those compositions and the stream went well in the end. More exasperated with their silence than anything else, but thanks for responding so quickly :blush:  

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Some good news! Got a reply from David @ VDMX cc @visiophone

I’ve pasted his response to my questions (in bold) below. I’m not sure how to respond to the last question around sub-compositions, should I direct him to the Vuo team?

Sorry for the non-follow up, we’ve been up to our ears in updating our codebase for Metal / etc!

Lastly, there are some new super cool nodes since the very recent latest update of 2.2 that are not allowing me to import the comps.

We’re putting together an intermediate update with some general minor fixes in early February, but I’ll talk to Ray about getting out a build with the new Vuo framework sooner than that since that is likely a lot easier to put together, and I think we need to update the NDI framework as well.

The one is the VDMX doesn’t remember MIDI mapping

This definitely looked reproducible from the videos from the user, and it definitely looks like it is on our end of things! When I initially tested for it I wasn’t able to reproduce it on our end, but I’ll give it another try today and see if I have any better luck recreating it this time.

The other is when sub-compositions will be supported?

We can look into it for the update in February, but we honestly haven’t started to look into it yet. Is there something special we need to do on our end for this?


Just wanted to add that we reached out to David, and we’ll post if there is anything further we learn.

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@jmcc Hi Jean Marie

Just wanted to check if you ever heard back? Still no update or news from them on the forums or via email + still persistent issues which is making VDMX unstable with Vuo.


I’ve shared this with the team, and we have not heard from VIDVOX on this.


Finally heard back, a few of us were quite concerned. David said we should expect an update in the next week or so, they have rebuilt the backend apparently, and have updated it to the latest Vuo framework and the issues like the MIDI mapping will be fixed. Is their no.1 priority right now, so holding thumbs.


VDMX Beta now ready for testing

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successfully ran vuo fx and generators in VDMX b.7.2.2. / Vuo 2.3.2

macos 11.4

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Have spent a couple of hours on Vuo 2.3.1 and VDMX Beta and so far so good! So great to be able to use the latest Vuo nodes and seems faster and more stable and the MIDI mapping issue is fixed. Will continue testing, nice to be able to make changes to Vuo files without having to restart VDMX each time.

MacOS 10.13.6