Watermark exported app


I need to send a client a working exported app that is watermarked, but when the watermark is an image bundled in the package contents it can be easily removed.
Is there any way around this?


Some options…

  • Obscure the watermark file:
    • Rename the image so it begins with a dot and/or give it the hidden attribute chflags hidden.
  • Eliminate the watermark file:
    • Build the watermark at runtime using text + shape layers, or GLSL.
    • Retrieve the image by downloading it from a website (though the user could get around it by turning off network access).
    • Convert the image to text (generate a grid of points, sample the color for each point and append it to a text string), then in the composition you distribute, paste that text string in and rebuild the image from it.
    • Vuo could add support for the data: URI protocol in the Fetch Image node, so the image would be encoded in the input port value. (Not yet implemented — feature request would be 1-dot complexity.)
      • Edit: Added in Vuo 1.2.6.
  • Prevent tampering:
    • Vuo could add support for signing exported apps, including their resources, and refuse to launch if the signature is invalid. (Not yet implemented — feature request would be 2-dot complexity.)  

Thanks. The image to text thing sounds interesting, not sure I fully understand it. I’ll try hiding it too, thanks again.