What are some useful Parametric Equations?

Hi I’m trying to use the various Parametric Equation nodes. They appear to be really useful and versatile. But without a background in such things I’m really struggling to put working equations in there. I have had a quick look online but it seems like a steep learning curve (no pun intended). I was wondering if any of the Vuo community could share with me a list of equations that work immediately with these nodes? Ie: this will make a sphere - this will make a pool noodle and so forth?


Anything in mind you want to do with it?

Not saying it’s all that useful, but there is this spline one:

The method in the splines comp of appending a bunch of texts to expose parameters to animate in real time is a bit of a novelty…

I also have a like-minded supershape comp somewhere – I think it’s up in the discussions? As soon as I made that one, @jstrecker pointed me to the (new at the time) supershape node. Doh.

Edit: @jstrecker had a good tip here: https://community.vuo.org/t/-/6111  

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Is it possible to make the points of a dodecahedron with an equation? Or what about using a spiral that wraps evenly around a sphere like an orange peel? I’m mostly seeking to make points that can then be animated by audio. But also I’m keen to just see what can be done with these nodes.

I’m not a parametric guy at all, but I love to play with these and try to understand stuff.

Joined is a .zip with some text files containing some 2D & 3D parametric functions (replace the equations from the text files into the parametric nodes, there is a tube, a torus, an helix …).
Usually I browse online to try to catch some functions, creating your own or adjusting them really requires to understand what the equations & parameters mean.

For a dodecahedron and other specific more complicated stuff you could also just use 3d models ? Or super shapes like Jersmi suggested.

You could then use my custom node Get 3D Object Vertices to retrieve points, if points is what you’re after.
Although if you plan to export the compositions into FFGL you may need to achieve the steps mentioned in the discussion here by Jean Marie : FFGL export not reading node (Vuo fix on the way, or I should update the nodes, but don’t have much time now).

PS the compositions have draggable camera to move around the objects with the mouse.

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Parametric.zip (20.5 KB)


If there is particular geometry you would like to create, let me know.
For things like a dodecahedron, I don’t believe there is a parametric equation for that. But lots of 3D models in OBJ say. What do you want to do with a dodecahedron?

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