When the editor crashes, recover?

The editor window just crashed when I loaded Display Console Window to smokris’ Feedback Stripes example. Is there a way to recover changes in the editor from the vuo scene still playing in the composition loader?

Hey @jersmi,

I talked this over with our team. There currently is not a way to recover changes during a crash. You may already know this: If you’re doing a lot of live coding, you can save editor changes while the composition is running. We’ll be incorporating an auto-save feature for a future release, and hopefully this will help, too. Also, as you’re able, please submit bug reports for crashes to help us improve stability. Thanks, @jersmi.  

Ok, thanks, @tmoles. FYI, v.9 is proving fairly crashy out of the box for me. I’m on 10.10 with a mid-2014 MBP, NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2048 MB. I’m simply opening example comps and playing around, adding nodes, trying stuff with existing examples. Also, out of a half dozen or so crashes, I have seen no crash report, nothing in Console, the Vuo editor just vanishes.

Hey @jersmi. We’ve tried to reproduce this and are unable to. There’s nothing we can do until we have some more info. Can you please submit a bug report? https://vuo.org/bug. (So others can chime in). For reference: https://vuo.org/bug/helpful.

In regard to “no crash report” can you please go into the Console application and check under the User Diagnostic Reports list in the sidebar. If an application crashes and for whatever reason Mac OS decides not to show the crash report dialog, the crash report should be saved there.

If that doesn’t work, you can try running Vuo from terminal. To do so:

  • Open Terminal
  • Drag the Vuo Editor app icon onto the Terminal window
  • Press delete, so the cursor is right next to the .app
  • Paste this into Terminal: /Contents/MacOS/Vuo\ Editor
    Press return

Vuo Editor should now try to start up, and it should give you some messages before it crashes.