Why does "Divide with Remainder" not accept Real as Input?

Why does “Divide with Remainder” only accept VuoIntegers and no Reals?
If I try to connect a Real with one of the Inputs it will be converted to VuoInteger.


Vuo has two nodes for division. You can divide integers with a remainder using “Divide with Remainder.” If you want to use Vuo real numbers, try the “Divide” node.

Thanks. But the “Divide” node doesn’t calculate the remainder.
I now calculated the remainder of two Reals by myself using the “Calculate” node, but don’t understand why “Divide with Remainder” is limited like that.

Could you share how you wanted to use the “Divide with Remainder” node? Why did you need a real number division with a remainder? It would help us understand how to prioritize changing the node input. I’m glad the “Calculate” node fit your needs.

You might also want to check out Vuo’s “Limit to Range” node. That node may have the functionality you are looking for.