Why does the Render node sometimes have (apparent) DOF and other times not?

In the example composition ShowLiveAudioWaveform the waveforms quickly go out of focus. Also there is a composition with 5x5 ovals or spheres with the word “Disco” in the title that has blurry, out of focus ovals.

Yet other example comps are sharp like ShowSpheresWithLights.

How do we control DOF in the Renderer?

(Also a search of “Disco” in the node library and my mac failed to find the composition, probably need a way to search through example comp names if they are to be relied on as a node use reference manual of sorts.)

With the Show Live Audio Waveform, the source texture is a function of the overall samples, and the amplitude. If there were more sample, it would be wider (presumably), but if you make it taller, texture also gets larger.

It is possible to create a smooth line curve with more output pixels than input samples, but it would be more computationally intense.

The easiest thing to do is probably to add something like an FXAA shader, or the way that I usually handle these sort of audio lines - blur, then threshold. The meta ball treatment.

I’m not familiar with the other examples offhand, but it may be an issue of 2D vs 3D, stretching output window bigger than the generated texture, maybe something else.

You can search for example compositions by name in Vuo Editor under Help > Search.

Vuo’s 3D rendering doesn’t yet have support for simulating optical depth of field (DOF), but that would make a good feature request.

Instead of ShowLiveAudioWaveform, I think you mean ShowLiveAudioTrail? The reason the waveform gets blurry as it marches off in the distance is because of the use of image feedback. The image gets repeatedly resized, and loses sharpness each time, because the resizing is not pixel-aligned. (It looks cool that way, but if you did want to avoid losing sharpness, you could use the Blend Image with Feedback node’s Pixel Aligned port.)

For the Disco composition, maybe you’re thinking of @smokris’s DiscoLayers.vuo from splines/quadstrips/grids of objects? The reason the ovals are blurry there is because the Make Oval Layer node’s Sharpness input port’s value is less than 1.

ah yes, ShowLiveAudioTrail, i have two Macs running ATM and jumping from one to the other is creating some QA issues in my communications :-) sorry for the bum-steer on that George.

Yes those ovals, ah okay.

Can i ask another questions completely off topic (sorta)…