Why is a node connected but not working?

Sometimes when I connect a node it does not work. Why is this?

-check if the node has an event triggering it.
If it does NOT have an event flowing, connect it to an “fire event” node depending if the node needs to be fired once or constantly.
If it does have an event flowing, check if the parameters of the node are correct (example: sometimes layers are out of the window visible area).

-check if the node has the data it needs to work. Some node inputs need events to go through so it can run (like the play input on the Play movie node) or need other nodes to provide the data (like the “Make 3D Object” that needs “Make Mesh” and “Shade with”). You can find more about the nodes dependencies in the example compositions.

Also, Stop and Play the composition again so the nodes can be reloaded and you are sure they have been complied.

TIP: Be patient and try again differently. Sometimes you need to go through the connecting fase a couple of time in order to understand the nodes. One thing I do is to make simple compositions about one node so I can learn how the node works and which other nodes, events and data it needs to operate. Then I make more complicated comps.