why is this Build Node not generating a list, why is the Cube so large in Render Window

In this composition I can’t get the Build List node to execute properly. Show events indicates it is firing every second but not the chain for building the list.

Have tried countless variations. I’ve also reduced the issue to a four node concept where it should but fails to work and logged a bug report.

Also in the attached composition i put a cube in the scene just to see if the window could render anything else and made the cube very small with scale but it remains large filling the entire window. I added a draggable camera and still i cannot drag away from the cube enough that it isn’t filling the Window.

Excruciatingly frustrating to have basic problems like this.

randomGreenTriangle-debug.vuo (11.2 KB)

For the big cube not scaling down it is because your “make 3D transform” node has no event cable connected to it. Therefore the cube stays big. Just connect it to fire on start.

But why are you connecting the “shade with color” node to the same cube to requested frame ?

That is for the big cube issue. I will look further into the other problem you mention.

Joined the modified comp with connected event cable.

2016-02-20 13.55.49.png

RGTD 1.1.vuo (6.07 KB)

There is a typo in the question title (note instead of not). Perhaps update that for better clarity ;)

Concerning the why is this build list node not making a list it is all related to the cables and events.
There are some false connected cables.
There are also some connected cables that doesn’t need to be and that overload the composition.

I have deleted the unconnected nodes from your composition and tinted the nodes to make it easier for me to understand.

A - The Build list upstream cables :

You have connected the “fire on start” and "fire periodically’ cables to the main refresh event port on the build list node (screenshot 1) but it should be on the “fire” port (screenshot 2).

That’s why when you check the outgoing data from the “Build list” node, you’ll see it has no events outgoing (Events screenshot).

When not sure on how a node should be connected, I encourage to search the node in the node library, and below the node information, there are some sample compositions linked that use that node (Node info screenshot), opening it shows a composition with the build list node connected (screenshot 2).

Shot 1.png
Shot 2.png
Node Info.png

B - External cables to build list nodes :

As asked and discussed really often on the discussion and Q&A sections (it seems a redundant fault people make and which I make too) and for what @jstrecker has created and answered a question here Why is the output process …, external incoming cables will bug the Build list and process list nodes.

For example, you attached the “Make 3D transform” node for the triangles to the “Fire on start” node (Shot 3). This may eventually cause glitches. One option I guess is to
link the outgoing “Build Item” port from "Build list’ to an “Allow first event” node connected to the “Make 3D transform” (Shot 4).

Shot 3.png
Shot 4.png

C - Unnecessary Event cables

You have got some unnecessary connected cables going. This could make it harder to focus on the issue and also overloads the composition with some unnecessary heavy stuff.

Keep in mind that A NODE POSITIONED AT THE FIRST POSITION OF A NODE CHAIN needs an event cable (a one event only or repetitive one) to start, BUT THAT DOWNSTREAM NODES USE THE EVENTS FROM THEIR UPSTREAM CONNECTED NODES (in case events are not blocked by walls, see the manual).

This means, for example, that you don’t have to connect the “Arrange 3D objects in List” node to some event cables (Shot 5) as it is already receiving event from its parent nodes. These can be removed (Shot 6). Connecting them to such event port as “Requested frame” is even heavier, as this means these will be refreshed at f.e. 60 fps.

Connecting stuff to “Requested Frame” of course make sense for things you want to change at that framerate, but not for a solid unchanging color like described in the other part of the question about the big cube.

Shot 5.png
Shot 6.png

Hope this helps. I have joined a modified version of your composition that works for me. Perhaps give the manual a small read again, I guess these things are all described in it.
Hope I didn’t explain things you already know about ;)

RGTD 1.2.vuo (4.72 KB)

Hi BodySoulSpirit thanks for the great answers, the reason for connecting Shade with Color to Window was just out of desperation! when i can’t get nodes firing i just tend to keep adding event cables trying to get something to jog my comp into success :-) I lack confidence in my ability to predict event behaviour at this stage. And even in Show Events mode it isn’t completely obvious to me all of the nodes that are firing and when.

I realise by connecting to Window Refresh output it’s firing an event every screen refresh which is uanessacry for a static value but just grab it cause it was nearby, i had lost patients at this point.

I’m working through your other explanations now, thanks again. I did read Jaymies explanation you linked to recently and have been reading bits of the manual, perhaps it’s time to do it cover to cover again :-)

I do feel like there could be a bug with Make Triangle but my knowledge of Vuo is slight ATM. I’ve logged the bug here since I didn’t get an email response from Vuo team in the last couple days (emailed @jstrecker as she seems most actively engaged on forums lately). hopefully it’s not a bug but i have even screen captured a very simple construct working then failing when Make a Cube is replaced with Make a 3D Triangle node. Screen capture here. Bug log here  

I’ll comment the Make triangle thing on the bug report.

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@useful_design what is still unclear to you regarding events ? Can you be more precise about what you mean with Event behavior at this stage ?

Can try to help.