Window dimensions

This is not so much a “feature request” but a “requirement” (for practical applications). :-)
Please note that I have only just started playing with Vuo and perhaps I’m missing something, apologies if so.
Currently, all windows I create seem to be 1024x746, kind of amusing to me to imagine where those numbers came from, nothing standard.

What is required is to be able to control the aspect and/or resolution of a window. Since most presentations are going to be run full screen, only by the designer having control over the aspect can any graphics be located correctly within the normalised window coordinates. One can see this is a problem already by running many of the demos fullscreen on an HD display/projector … they end up clipping top and bottom.

Hey @pbourke,

Many thanks for bringing this up and fully explaining. Currently the entire window is 1024x768. The title bar takes up a some pixels to produce the 746 dimension. We will change the default so the actual renderable area is 1024x768 for the 0.8 release (no credits needed). Thanks again.

And just in case you haven’t discovered yet: you can use the Align Layer to Window and Get Window Dimensions nodes to adjust object/layer positions relative to the window edges.

I totally fail to understand why the resolution of the window contents is not the size of the window in pixels. Noting that 1024x768 is not only very low resolution but totally arbitrary.  

1024x768 is a default starting point, which can be adjusted by resizing the window. We want an initial size that will easily fit on all our users’ screens, and 1024x768 is an industry standard ( When using nodes Render Scene to Window or Render Layers to Window, the window can be freely resized (it’s not locked to a particular aspect ratio). When using Render Image to Window, the window is locked to the aspect ratio of the image fed to the window. The feature request, when it’s fully funded, will also include the ability to lock the aspect ratio of windows created with the other 2 nodes. Hope this helps!

Also in Vuo 0.8 — coming soon! — is a new node called: Change Window Aspect Ratio, which will allow you to specify your own aspect ratios and lock them.


Does our new node set in 0.8 with “Change Window Aspect Ratio” meet your needs?

Hmmm, I’m missing something or expectations are different.
See attached, movie has a square aspect ratio, window aspect set to 1920x1080, resulting window is still a square aspect even when going fullscreen on a 1920x1080 projector.

movieplayback1.vuo (1.99 KB)

Or through layer, no aspect locking.

Sorry, please ignore the above two, it does work … I wasn’t triggering the node. Still learning.

Playing around further with aspect and window sizes and window position, for my part I think this “feature request” can be closed.

Thanks; I’ve marked it resolved.