With two displays, parameter edit fields can appear on the wrong screen

Steps causing the bug to occur

  1. Open a Vuo composition on the internal display of my MacBook Pro.
  2. Move the composition editor window to a second connected display.
  3. Double-click an input port on a patch to change its value.
  4. The popup that lets me change the value appears on the internal display (at the left edge, closest to the other display) and not next to the patch on the second display.

Have you found a workaround?

Only to edit the comp on the internal display and use display 2 for the output.

Other notes

  • Vuo version: 2.4.0
  • macOS version: macOS 12
  • CPU: arm64
  • How severely does this bug affect you? It’s annoying but I can work around it.

If it helps, I’m on a new MacBook Pro 16" M1 Max with a 4K display connected through a Thunderbolt dock and DisplayPort.


We were able to reproduce this by placing the secondary monitor to the left of the primary monitor.

Fixed in Vuo 2.4.1.