Steps causing the bug to occur

anyone else having issues with duo 0.8 on yosemite? it hangs when i try to run, doesn’t seem to matter if it is my own compostions or built in examples.

Hi, @gautjac. I’ve used Vuo 0.8.0 on Yosemite, and I’ve been able to edit and run compositions without any problems.

Could you help us narrow down the problem? Please follow these steps:

  • Start Terminal (in Applications > Utilities)
  • Drag the Vuo Editor app icon onto the Terminal window
  • Press delete, so the cursor is right next to the .app
  • Paste this into Terminal: /Contents/MacOS/Vuo\ Editor
  • Press return. Vuo Editor should launch.
  • Try to run a composition

You will probably see some messages in Terminal; please copy and paste them here.

Hey, I have the same issue, or almost the same… when I Run a composition nothing happends, its like the comp is running, the Run button is grayed, but theres no app running… Ive do what you say, with Terminal, but its dosnt work…

bugreport.rtf (1.13 MB)

Thanks for the hang report, @prackvj.

I tested on the final Yosemite beta, and didn’t have any trouble… but it looks like Apple changed the NSOpenGLView behavior right before the Yosemite GM release, which is causing VuoCompositionLoader to crash.

We’ve fixed this in the Vuo 0.9.0 release (coming tomorrow, hopefully).

Fixed in Vuo 0.9.0.