Zoom in/out/actual-size shortcuts like Adobe apps (and others)

I would really like to see:

Zoom in: Spacebar + Command + ‘Click’ with input stylus/mouse/touchpad

Zoom out: Spacebar + Command + Option + ‘Click’ with input stylus/mouse/touchpad

Something I advocated for long ago, before even Spacebar was deemed acceptable for Pan/Scrolling control (the whole modal discussion).

Opened for voting.

Not sure I understand this one, isn’t command + and - zoom in and out, pretty standard.
Along with two finder touchpad swipe?

Not in the design world, @pbourke. In all the Adobe CC apps i can think of and many 3D apps there’s been a paradigm around since early versions of Photoshop that “Space bar” pans, “Space bar” + “⌘” is zoom in (click or click and drag a marque a screen area) and “Space bar” + “⌘” + “Option” to zoom out. It’s much faster and more intuitive for experienced designers than the double handed “⌘” + “Shift” + “+” or “–” (I hold a stylus with my right hand and have the left hand on the keyboard.

“Shift” also is a standard mac UI modifer for constrain movement to right angles and 45º angles. And also in Finder and macOS Dialogue boxes for selecting a list of items by selecting all objects between currently selected (word, file etc) and click object. Command lets you add or remove individual files or objects. Vuo broke with that paradigm too unfortunately.

If Vuo had standard use of “Shift” and “⌘” when selecting nodes on the canvas then “shift” and/or “⌘” would allow us to add a selection or deselect a node from a group of selected nodes. There’s currently no way to do that.

The rationale in the early days of Vuo was that modifier keys were “modal” operators and modals are bad. But they aren’t modal like a blocking dialogue box is and every well designed Art and Design and 3D app would fall over without the sensible implementation of modifier keys. I don’t understand what makes Vuo 2 so different from these dozens of other apps with otherwise similar interface norms.  

I would love support for Command + and Command - (but on the numeric part of an Extended keyboard)

Or, if you want to be like Figma, don’t even require the Command modifier key.

I’d take anything over the current situation. It’s such a bottle neck on accessing the part of the composition you wanna get to. I use a laptop stand so it’s inconvenient to use trackpad gestures for me, and I’ve turned touch inputs off for my Wacom because it’s a bit flaky on touch. Prefer the Adobe standards which most CAD/3D software has some iteration of too, but anything is better than nothing!