Zoom in/out with Scroll

Would be nice to be able to zoom in/out in Composition by pressing cmd and scroll with two fingers on touchpad.

You mean on top of the already implemented pinch touchpad with 2 fingers to zoom ?

In a huge Composition I find it quiet annoying to click every time on the buttons or to press the short keys.

And on Mac I’m used to zoom in with to fingers.

What I meant is in Vuo 2 betas, you can now already pinch the touchpad to zoom in/out, have you seen that?
No need to use the buttons or the short keys.

Would there be any advantage of having both “pinch to zoom” and “hotkey + scroll” ?
For the trackpad I don’t know, but now that you mention it, perhaps for the Magic Mouse ?


We’ve implemented pinch-zoom as stated.