Deploy compositions as FxPlug plugins

Use Vuo compositions in Final Cut Pro X and Motion.

Would really love to see this for VUO using it in FCPX would be amazing !

Remember everyone: Deploying as FxPlug will allow keyframing of compositions published ports. This will be huge! Think of any effect and get it controllable in Apple Motion- or FCPX! Colour filters- shaders- 3D Models! Never worry about purchasing an effect ever again- just DIY with VUO! Please show your support with your votes for this AMAZING request!

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Also remember guys that Motion is only $64.99! So paired with Vuo you can get a fully controllable Vuo composition with all the bells and whistles for a very small outlay!! Beat that After Effects!! (Until Vuo supports that to! Which will also be super cool!)

Incase I didn’t make it clear… VOTE!

Thanks for voting @wmackwood!!

@smokris can you let us know if an fxplug would support motion blur and super sampling? Would this be controlled by motion settings or fcpx? I am guessing that motion blur would be a task for host software as it simply draws lots of frames between frames.

@alexmitchellmus, I don’t see provisions in the FxPlug API for the host to communicate the spatial/temporal supersampling parameters to the plugin, so I’m guessing that’s handled host-side like you say.

Hey @smokris I sure do hope so! Considering that FxPlug is a professional plugin format I am confident that Apple are doing this correctly. Apple Motion has really great motion blur settings, (almost as good as Vuo!).

@smokris so we may need to wait and see how antialiasing is handled by Motion & FCPX? There is only a setting for shape antialiasing and ‘high quality textures’, whatever that is?! I am guessing all FxPlugs render as textures when inside a host? So hopefully that is covered. But then again if we instigate antialiasing in the “scene to image” node then theoretically that has that covered? I have wondered if antialiasing is set within the composition & in render movie settings if we are doubling up on antialiasing? Or is movie render antialiasing only done on the final texture? (So theoretically if the final texture IS antialiased then yes?)

@alexmitchellmus, Vuo 1.2’s new Multisampling port on the Render to Image nodes is independent from the File > Export > Movie antialiasing setting.

Multisampling refers to OpenGL MSAA. Edges of objects are evaluated multiple times per output pixel, but interior pixels are only evaluated once. So textures/shaders can still exhibit aliasing even when MSAA is enabled.

File > Export > Movie is full-screen antialiasing (FSAA). Each image is rendered at a multiple of the output resolution, then scaled down. So this setting also antialiases the interiors of objects.


Thanks for the votes guys! This feature will be a gamechanger! (Exciting!!!)

Now with VDMX and COGE plugin support, let’s vote up this feature to get a Video editing and compositing software supported!!

This feature is what I’ve been waiting for and I suspect this will bring a lot of other FCPX users to VUO too.

Team Vuo: what sort of license do you envision for built plugins? Can we sell them online for example? Will the plugins be encrypted? Are there any plans to have an App Store style repository? (Personally I can see positives and negatives to app stores)

Thanks for voting @unfenswinger! Let get this happening!

@alexmitchellmus, Team Vuo doesn’t impose restrictions on what you do with the stuff you make in Vuo — we permit you to give them away or sell them. Vuo uses some 3rd-party open source software, and you should ensure your distribution is in compliance with their licenses. When Vuo exports an app, it includes an About box that lists all the licenses, and, where necessary (e.g., LGPL), it dynamically links to the 3rd-party code. We believe this covers the compliance requirements. You can also browse the license texts in the exported app bundle (right-click, Show Package Contents, Contents > Frameworks > Vuo.framework > Versions > 1.2.0 > Documentation > Licenses).

The situation for exported FxPlugs would be the same as for exported apps — we’re planning to similarly comply by bundling the licenses and dynamically linking where necessary.

In the exported FxPlug (just like exported apps), your composition would be compiled into machine language — the composition source code is not included. A sly hacker would be able to extract an unordered list of the names of nodes you used, but it would take substantial, difficult work to figure out more than that (which cables are connected where, what the constant values are, …). This feature request does not cover encryption (feel free to file a feature request for that if you like).

We’d like to eventually host an app store for the Vuo community, but given our limited resources, it’ll be a while before we can get to that. In the meantime, there are other places you can easily sell stuff you make with Vuo (e.g., Gumroad, Bandcamp, Sellfy), and we could consider linking to your stuff (like we do in the node gallery).

Vuo team: if an App Store is on the cards how can you guys make this work positively - to fund itself and also further Vuo development? I am guessing other online portals charge a small fee for sale- that would be good to look into for any possible Vuo App Store. The last thing I would want is an extra service offered by team Vuo that takes away development resources from Vuo without giving back.

Unless of course it is judged to be a value adding service!?

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Really loving VUO for dome work… congrats and keep up the development happy to support

@alexmitchellmus, since this is getting into a separate topic, I copied your comment over to How to make an app store fund itself and further Vuo development? and will reply there.