For 3D scenes.

I saw fog/haze on @smokris’ list for 2D graphics, but I think of this as a 3D scene/lighting effect…

Opened for voting.

(@jersmi, not sure what list of 2D graphics you mean…?)

Sorry, i think i just read it wrong. I see it on his list of features between two other 2D graphics, that might have been the origin of my mistake…

I used to think this feature request was about volumetric 3D noise to create also clouds for example, but from the description I’m not sure if this is more similar to my possible duplicate “Fade-Out Opacity Camera view - Foggy view” feature request

If it is, can I create a feature request for volumetric noise ?  

The QC Fog patch referenced above “faded” objects receding in z-space to a specified color. The QC patch was probably a shader, but I just wondered, maybe could use Build List to create the effect. Hmm.  

Ah sorry ok so yeah, quite the same as my Fade-Out Opacity Camera view - Foggy view" feature request  

Just remembered this FR – asking in this discussion about making fog with a shader: