💎 Some UX proposals

Hey folks!
Just to set some context…
I’m a a relatively new user to Vuo Pro (thanks for the current discount pricing!). Know QC like the back of my hand, RIP . Have done a bunch of prototyping work in pretty much all the tools, including Framer, Origami, Principle.

I thought I’d selfishly make a list of a few little points of friction here. :slightly_smiling_face:

Running a MBP, with old school Cinema display attached as primary display. Vuo 2.1.2. Catalina 10.15.6

  1. Had a couple of crashes. Don’t remember seeing a crash report dialogue, but hopefully logs are going somewhere!

  2. Vuo doesn’t seem to remember new document window properties, like other Mac apps? Ie, I want my window a certain size, etc.

  3. When using Enter to insert a new Node from Node Library, it just wherever. Often on top of other nodes, or somewhere else I can’t find. Would love if
    a. If another node is already selected, then place this node to the right of the selected node
    b. If another node is already selected, do ^ and, if possible, connect up the new node. From memory, Facebook Origami does this.

  4. The loading behaviour does a scale-to-fit on all nodes. Which I guess gives a sense of the composition, but in reality means I need to Zoom to 100% every. single. time. :slightly_smiling_face:

  5. I can scroll something like 200pt beyond any nodes on the canvas. I’d like to be able to scroll some more, so I can get a bit more space to work in, please!

  6. The Preview window—I’d love if this would remember its position and Screen between launches/runs. I know I can wire up controls for that, but it seems like the default behaviour kinda six

  7. I find debugging a little difficult. Ie double-clicking on node outputs to see what I’m dealing with.
    a. Often lists/other data is truncated or flows in a way that’s hard for me to see
    b. Sometimes I forget a composition is not running, so of course there’s no data. Would love a fix for that.

  8. Save sheet seems to have the file extension (.vuo) still there. That’s not default behaviour on the Mac, would love for that to be hidden in the field.

  9. I find the Push UI a little ungainly. Got myself in one scenario with a hair-pulling bug, but it was because one part of the composition didn’t get a push when it needed to. I don’t have a proposal at the moment, but could think up some ideas if wanted.

  10. If I rename or add ports on Subcompositions, it breaks existing connections, which means I need to rewire it up!

  11. Wish I could grab a Comment node by anywhere on, rather than just its mini toolbar. Also—would love support for line breaking (ie, Return, not Enter)

Hope this is helpful, and not just whining!

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Hi there :)
And welcome to Vuo.

One thing I can say is some of your ideas already are listed as feature requests : Community Feature Requests. For example :
Remember Editor size and position
The composition view should have the previous size …
You can also suggest your new ones there ;) Rename ports on sub compositions should not need a rewire, true.

Can’t wait to see what you make with Vuo ;) Cheers

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Hi Keith, welcome!

Check the macOS console for crash/error logs. I usually just filter with Vuo to keep it relevant. If you have compiled your own filter/GLSL shader, any errors will also show up there. You can also print to an internal console window in Vuo with the “Display Console Window” node - although it is a bit fumbly with point lists.

Push can be a cumbersome adaptation, but it allows for very fine grain control and optimization of the composition flow. Check out my recent (and perhaps very too long) forum reply here on why I at least think it’s pretty nice!

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Thanks for the warm welcome!

I will do some voting.

Q. Aside from the Shift+Command+R to restart a Composition, or right-click on a value, is there any trick to firing off all the Fire on Start nodes? Often I’ve made a change, but find it tedious to reload to see the changes.

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Beside The Feature Request page being sorted by request type, with the All Tabs sorting option, you can see all and perform a page search : Fire Event on all Fire on Start nodes when a shortcut key is pressed,

But the main request for this that was already chosen to be implemented but delayed and will remove that trouble completely is : Automatically refire nodes when input changes

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Keith, thanks for your feedback. We always appreciate community members’ perspectives. In addition to what has been noted previously:

Often lists/other data is truncated or flows in a way that’s hard for me to see.

We’re going to implement Summarize List Items node in the next release, which should help.

About dragging comments: We decided to make comments only draggable by the titlebar so that you can drag a rubberband within the comment, to easily select multiple nodes that are surrounded by a comment.

And about linebreaks, ⌥↵ (Option-Return) inserts a linebreak in comments and other Vuo text fields. (It’s listed with some other nifty shortcuts in the Keyboard Shortcut section of the manual.)

Again, thanks for your input. Please consider creating feature requests for changes you’d like to see. That way, the rest of the community can add their thoughts (and votes!), allowing us to better understand how a feature would benefit the community as a whole.

Thanks Jean Marie. I plan to get around to making separate feature wishes.